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Our Focus Areas

We support your success through three categories of programmes

We contribute towards Personal Mastery & Organizational Change by nurturing Mindful Leadership & Teams, Wellness & Mindful Living solutions, and Career Advancement for Women. Our body of work is aimed at helping people bring their best self forward, to 'seize the day', transform themselves, actualize their potential, achieve their true purpose, find balance & happiness in whatever they do!

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Mindful Leadership & Teams

Creating business impact through people transformation & mastery

We host learning journeys spanning a range of soft-skills across levels in the organization. We customize learning plans as per the org. requirements, delivering bespoke workshops and immersive coaching engagements. Building competency frameworks, setting up a learning academy,  Articulating & cascading values, vision, mission & culture, developing high-potential talent through assessment & development centres, working on enhancing leadership presence & influence through theatre & storytelling, improving leadership & team synergy through outbounds are some of our key offerings for corporates.

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Being Mindfully Positive

Cultivating conscious environments & mindful leaders

Mindfully +ve is an initiative that builds social-emotional competencies in individuals through inter-modal self-exploration, experiential activities, dialogue, self-reflection and mindfulness practices. Our value-based blended learning programmes are designed to instill growth in work & life-competencies through the lens of mindfulness and well-being. Our programmes cater to building confident and content individuals who are connected to their unique personalities. The art-based interventions provide a safe space for the group to explore how feelings and thoughts impact behaviours.  Participants leave with practical tools to integrate mindfulness into their daily life thereby enhancing engagement and organizational performance.


Women Career Advancement

Creating business success through gender diveristy in thought & leadership

Our women leadership journeys encourage entrepreneurs and women leaders breakthrough & shine, surpass the proverbial glass ceiling by leveraging their uniqueness, rather than emulating existing leadership role models and tacit norms. Our diversity sessions and returnee programmes help cultivate cultures free from unfair judgements & biases that may be blocking opportunities of progress or decision-making power for women. Our women career advancement programme celebrates the uniqueness of women, helps them break barriers together, makes them lead from within and create a future they aspire for, irrespective of challenges and circumstances.

What we do: Services

Values ~ The core of our being...

Lead Mindfully


Ownership Collaboration Service

Aligning self to environment, being true to ones values, authenticity intentionality & responsibility in doing, inside-out approach in being, leading by example, ethically, adorning humility with success, leading compassionately to serve people & deliver results together, helping people grow & growing as a result, leading by heart

Transform Purposefully

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Growth Adaptability Results

Learning and exploration never stops at Carpè Diem, Change is inevitable, we believe in purpose-driven growth, pointed movement that leads to definite progress, new actions leading to better results, refining consciously and continuously, working towards quality and impact, strive for excellence in whatever you do

Create Enthusiatically

Arts & Crafts

Creativity Passion Humor

Bring your best self forward to the tasks at hand, celebrate, think out of the box, create something different & quirky, value freshness, ask questions to build further, look at multiple perspectives, enjoy the little things, add lightness of being to your work & interactions, ground yourself with laughter, enjoy the learning journey, add zest & zing at every opportunity

What we do: Services

Our Methodology

Our workshops are about enhancing the quality of your life and work, thereby spiking the numbers that your business thrives on. Our sessions are focused on bringing about a transformational change in YOU and giving a fillip to your talent, by tapping into your own hidden potential. We help people shine by finding their voice, their purpose, their balance and their sweet spot of productivity & happiness. If you are concerned about finding your true calling, balancing work-life, rising above your current state of productivity, staying focused & being the leader of tomorrow, then you are at the right place! We engage through insightful workshops, inspiring talks, start-up mentorship and leadership coaching. We draw from neuroscience and leadership fundamentals and have an especially strong focus on empowering women to succeed .

Wheat Field

What sets us apart ....

We create business impact through people transformation by working on mindsets and mastery

1. Our cutting edge workshops follow a blended learning concept. The learning-mix includes classroom sessions coupled with one on one coaching, cohort pair work, individual work on an action plans, on-the-job application, and a robust review process & group learning. We use a lot of art-based experiential learning methods in our sessions so that the learning impact is experienced, felt and found for all

2. Our programmes are steeped in neuroscience. We work on neuroplasticity, something that facilitates new results and newer habits for people who want positive change in their lives.

3. We stay focused on bringing about a transformational change in your life & career. In that sense we believe learning & change transcends all areas in parallel. You would have noticed by now that our flagship offerings are all about breaking barriers and living your purpose at each juncture, be it from ascending the leadership ladder, making a mark as a woman leader, starting up, moving from campus to corporate, or coming back to work after a break. 

4. We focus on applying mindfulness including meditation and wellness techniques in everything we do. after all whether you got to play the most astounding symphony or just a simple tune, your guitar strings need to be tuned up well. Mindfulness helps as a tool to bring together our whole being into a wiser, stronger, happier, more compassionate and effective state....full of possibilities. if you lead at your lives this way at your workplace & home, you are a hands down winner. 

5. The workshops, hosted by certified coaches, trainers and established business leaders, set the base for starting up with an action plan suited to you,  followed and supported by a periodic engagement of timed coaching sessions (on skype, call or in person). We leverage a strong network of mentors who are business leaders & entrepreneurs, as well as psychologists and coaches to guide you through the coaching journey. 

What we do: Services
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