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Being Mindfully Positive

Cultivating conscious environments & mindful leaders

Mindfully +ve is an initiative that builds social-emotional competencies in individuals through inter-modal self-exploration, experiential activities and mindfulness practices. Our value-based blended learning programmes are designed to instill growth in work & life-competencies through the lens of mindfulness and well-being.

Our programmes cater to building confident and content individuals who are connected to their unique personalities. Afterall, that's when they perform to their best! Our inter-modal, experiential interventions provide a safe space for groups to explore how feelings and thoughts impact behaviours. Participants leave with practical tools to integrate mindfulness into their daily life thereby enhancing engagement and organizational performance.

We nurture conscious environments and mindful leadership. This helps organisations embed a culture of empathy, where their people thrive holistically, in all facets of life.

Some of the themes we work with are as follows:

  1. Mastering Time

  2. Overcoming Stress & Building Resilience

  3. Collaboration for Virtual Teams

  4. Nurturing Creativity

  5. Vision Boarding & Goal-Setting

  6. Leading with Purpose

  7. Emotional Intelligence

  8. Communciating Effectively

  9. Embedding Empathy

  10. Diversity Inclusion

Most of these topics are the need of the hour and we bet our method is refreshingly fresh!

Each session is completely experiential, lasting for 60-90 mins, followed by journaling practices shared as a pdf via mail with the participants. In addition we organize retreats, outbounds as well as journey-based programmes which include follow ups with 1:1 coaching sessions, extended journaling time to solidify learning, guided meditations & visualizations.

Mindfully +ve: Services
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