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Carpé Diem Learning

Leading Mindfully ~ Transforming Purposefully

We empower you to create a powerful positive impact for yourself and others in whatever you do! Through our leadership development journeys that include blended learning solutions & coaching engagements, we help individuals lead fulfilling lives and purposeful careers. Our offerings cater to 3 outcomes:

Mindful Leadership & Teams ~ Mindful Living ~ Women Career Advancement

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How it all started ...

Aditi Sheoran
Captain of the Ship ~ Carpé Diem Learning

'After a decade of working on interesting assignments in the talent development space with Global Fortune 500 firms across industry sectors, certain life-milestones got me soul-searching. The next three years were all about, unlearning, breaking out of auto-pilot, relearning and making conscious choices to design a life and career that brings my unique gifts to life, fruitfully. This is exactly what I help others do as well. I found my niche as a Leadership Coach, NLP Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Published Writer. I work on enabling mind-shifts geared towards transformation and outstanding results. Carpé Diem Learning was founded in 2020, as a result. Our team helps people find clarity, balance & fulfillment by igniting their motivation, enhancing their potential, & aligning to their true purpose, helping them set goals that they have a burning desire for and walking with them on the path towards remarkable progress, both professionally & personally.'

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'The purpose of life is to find your gift. The meaning of life is to give it away.'

Pablo Picasso

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We Matter Because ...

In today's ever-changing & fast-paced times, people tend to reach burn-out way before they find the true purpose they can serve. We live in the age of young leaders, start-ups and gig workers who rarely find time to pause, reflect and chart out their way forward at ease. It is imperative to promote mindful leadership i.e. taking charge of one's destiny in a calm yet energetic way, in an absolutely result-driven yet forever compassionate way. Isn't this way better than surrendering to a life of stress in the rat-race? We work with people so they can reframe their limiting beliefs, design their careers consciously and move forward with clarity & balance, experiencing joy while bringing their best selves to what they do. That is when superlative results follow, don't they?

We believe that people perform to the best of their abilities when they are powered with motivation and purpose. We guide them to get smarter about how they work, promoting efficiency & developing talent. We build on a range of behavioural skills that give a tremendous boost to what teams and organizations deliver.

Another area we are extremely passionate about is supporting the career advancement of women. Now, as the gender dynamics are already changing for the better, we aim to accelerate it further by helping women break barriers in leadership positions.


We envision a world where leading fulfilling lives and purposeful careers is the norm. We envision organizations where efficiency, gender diversity & mindfulness is the culture.

Stones of Meaning


We are on a mission to cultivate mindfulness, gender balance of thought and leadership & efficiency for individuals and organizations

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If you want to know more about how we transform individuals and organizations, reach out to us at our coordinates below or drop in a line here.

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